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What are the mechanisms that regulate the migration of leukocytes into areas of inflammation? How do tumor cells invade and metastasize? Cell migration plays a central role in many different disease processes including cancer, heart disease, asthma and arthritis. Insight into the mechanisms that regulate cell migration will contribute to our understanding of basic cellular processes, but will also lead to the development of new therapeutic approaches for a wide variety of medical conditions.

Our research is aimed at understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate cell migration using biochemical genetic and imaging approaches. We use state of the art live imaging, biosensors and photomanipulation to examine and control polarity of cell signaling during cell migration in live animals. We also examine host-pathogen interactions in zebrafish.

Latest Publications

  • ROS and Vimentin participate in early wound repair signaling

    LeBert D, Squirrell JM, Freisinger C, Rindy J, Golenberg N, Frecentese G, Gibson A, Eliceiri KW, Huttenlocher A. Damage-induced reactive oxygen species regulate vimentin and dynamic collagen-based projections to mediate wound repair. Elife. 2018 Jan 16;7. …

  • Neutrophil and Macrophage migration, in vivo!

    Barros-Becker F, Lam PY, Fisher R, Huttenlocher A. Live imaging reveals distinct modes of neutrophil and macrophage migration within interstitial tissues. J Cell Sci. 2017 Nov 15;130(22):3801-3808.

  • Chemokine receptors control neutrophil wound response

    Powell D, Tauzin S, Hind LE, Deng Q, Beebe DJ, Huttenlocher A. Chemokine Signaling and the Regulation of Bidirectional Leukocyte Migration in Interstitial Tissues. Cell Rep. 2017 May 23;19(8):1572-1585.

  • Rac2 functions in neutrophils and macrophages

    Rosowski EE, Deng Q, Keller NP, Huttenlocher A. Rac2 Functions in Both Neutrophils and Macrophages To Mediate Motility and Host Defense in Larval Zebrafish. J Immunol. 2016 Dec 15;197(12):4780-4790.

  • Space microbes

    Knox BP, Blachowicz A, Palmer JM, Romsdahl J, Huttenlocher A, Wang CC, Keller NP, Venkateswaran K. Characterization of Aspergillus fumigatus Isolates from Air and Surfaces of the International Space Station. mSphere. 2016 Oct 26;1(5). pii: …

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